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FIDO2 for ASP.NET Core by Rock Solid Knowledge


You are not currently logged in with a FIDO authenticator.

Welcome to the demo website for our FIDO2 product. This website acts as a test tool for our FIDO2 component, implemented within an ASP.NET Core website.

To learn more, check out the beta announcement article or get a demo key by signing up on the products page.

We have tested the FIDO2 component with the following authenticators:

  • Google Pixel 3
  • Yubikey FIDO2
  • Yubikey 5 Series
  • Yubikey U2F
  • Yubikey 4 Series
  • Titan Key
  • Solo Key
  • Fetian K9

While the component itself supports all WebAuthn capable browsers, this demo currently does not support edge.

This site only stores credentials in memory. You will need to re-register keys when the site is restarted.

Order FIDO2 for ASP.NET

Protect your users with unphishable authentication.

  • Unphishable 2FA
  • Passwordless authentication
  • Users safe from database breaches

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